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Note from Tamera:

From my own personal experiences, I have determined that it is during the most desperate of times… the last thing we need to add to our woes… is the loss of our homes and/or hard earned property investments.

Tamera Aragon

What gives me the authority to offer this opinion? Well, to start with, in 1992
I personally went through foreclosure and bankruptcy. I know the pain that surrounded that event. My first inspiration to this website is to educate
you on the different directions one can take to avoid the hardships that
I went through.

Thankfully, since that time in 1992, a lot has changed for me. Following a long, hard road, I have overcome this experience triumphant, enjoying success, ironically, as a full time real estate investor. To date, I have purchased millions of dollars in real estate all over the U.S.

In addition to investing in real estate, I own several web based businesses designed to support real estate investors and property owners desiring to stay away from foreclosure. Between going through foreclosure myself then moving on to investing in pre-foreclosures; to now enjoying daily communications with thousands of other investors and homeowners, I know first-hand what a person in default on their mortgage is going through.

I have over 20 years experience in dealing with foreclosures from different standpoints and continue to be pro-active in staying educated and in-touch with the most current foreclosure processes.

I have found most property owners facing foreclosure do not even know where to begin. My hope is to assist those in this situation as they walk down this path and help them settle down for a few minutes to really look at the possibilities.

God Bless You and Yours,

Tamera Aragon
Author, trainer and coach.