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120 Cedar St, Hemphill, TX 75948

120 Cedar St, Hemphill, TX 75948


This beautiful 2-bedroom 1 bath, 896 square foot home was built in 1980 and is ready to move in. 


It is in a private community, with only four neighbors, surrounded by trees, and is on nearly an acre of land (.8 acres).  It has a 280 sq ft carport. Nearby schools include Hemphill Elementary School, Hemphill Middle School and Hemphill High School.


Call or text Mason (text preferred) at (512) 522-0713



The American Dream

The American Dream

This one is gone, but we are constantly finding new houses that you can rent to own.  Bad credit, no credit, we can help.  Contact us at 865-48-HOMES or click on this link.  

We don’t have the same rules as the banks. We frequently offer owner financed, lease purchase, or rent to own homes. Past money problems and job changes don’t scare us since we understand life has its ups and downs. All it takes to qualify for many of our homes is some cash and the ability to make your monthly payment on time. Meet those requirements and you can be in your new home in a matter of days. We make it easy. Below are just some of the reasons why you should buy your next home from us.

No Bank Qualifying

We’re not as strict as banks. If you have income and some money up front to show you’re serious, you will probably qualify. We may check employment, past rental history, credit history and a few other items, but we don’t care if you’ve had a prior temporary setback. We don’t require perfect credit, job stability, low debt to income ratios, etc.

Move In Now

Even if you can’t afford to buy the house now or perhaps don’t qualify for a traditional loan, you can still move in now while you save funds for a down payment or repair your credit through timely payments. Then, once you’re ready to go, we’ll help you buy the house.

Hassle Free Transaction

We handle all the paperwork and details. You don’t have to worry about what to do or how to do it. We’ll walk you through every step of the process.

Time to Pay or Save

You can move in now and save toward your down payment or you can make additional monthly payments which may be used toward the purchase price.

Owner Financing / Lease Purchase

If you have the required funds for a down payment, we will finance your mortgage so that you can own your home now. If you don’t have the needed funds, we may be able to get you in with a lease purchase program.

Home Warranty

Depending on the situation, we may provide our buyers with home warranties which will cover the cost of many repairs.

Assistance With Financing

If you don’t already have someone to help you get financing for the mortgage to purchase your home, just let us know. We work with several mortgage brokers around town and we’ll be happy to refer you and assist you in obtaining your financing.

Finding the Right Property

If you have already searched our Available Homes and didn’t find one that meets your current needs, please contact us to let us know of your interest, so that you will be notified of new properties as they become available. Our houses go quickly and the best way to ensure you get an opportunity to view each new listing is to join our Buyer List.


Rent to Own

Rent to Own

If you are interested in this house or a house like it, contact us at 865-48-HOMES or click on this link.  


Rent to Own

Rent to Own

If you are interested in this house or a house like it, contact us at 865-48-HOMES or click on this link.  


Rent to Own

Rent to Own

If you are interested in this house contact us at 865-48-HOMES or click on this link.